World Science Festival Brisbane 2016: #BionicMe Activity Stall

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The World Science Festival Brisbane: Street Science was a huge success – thousands of people were entertained by talks from famous science communicators and they enjoyed participating in activities hosted by well-known science/technology organisations.

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The Human Bionics Student Association‘s #BionicMe was one of the most popular stalls during the weekend of March 12-13, 2016. Our members and volunteers showcased and provided information on bionic devices, as well as basic human anatomy. Members of the UQ Robotics Club: Prosthetic Arm Project also came along and demonstrated their latest work.

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#BionicMe held a colouring-in competition for children to win a small 3D-printed heart. The winner is randomly drawn from all entries and will be announced soon! We also had bionic face-painting and a photo stand-in board.

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The Human Bionics Student Association designed and distributed gold temporary “bionic skin” tattoos throughout the weekend. In fact, we received many emails asking where to obtain these tattoos. To our fans, we will hopefully distribute/sell them at our next events!

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We owe our success to many people and organisations. Thank you to World Science Festival Brisbane for this amazing opportunity! Thank you to Hear and SayAsia-Pacific Centre for Neuromodulation, Helping Hands, and Innovative Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology Lab for lending us your bionic devices!

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And thank you to all our members and volunteers who helped during the weekend! For more photos of the weekend, please visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.